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A Brief History
of English Carpets
and the Stourvale Mill

The town of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, lies about  20 miles southwest of Birmingham in the  English industrial midlands. It has been a center  of weaving for many centuries, and in the  mid-late eighteenth century began to specialize  in new forms of carpet weaving,  rightfully coming  to be called the carpet capital of Britain. The historic Stourvale Mill on Green Street was built in the early 1850's under the guidance of  Henry Woodward, who had started his company in 1790, and who was joined by   Benjamin Grosvenor to operatethe first steam powered carpet mill in Britain on the site. The firm of Woodward Grosvenor & Co. Ltd. remains the major weaver of Brussels   and Wilton carpets, and is the only firm with a complete  design archive extant, that covers over 200 years in   business and over 10,000 patterns.

J. R. Burrows & Co. are the agents in the United States for historic designs from this archive, which is marketed as the "Stourvale Mill Collection."



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