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Notre Dame High School
October 28, 2004
Dear Mr. Larry Sable,
     We would like to extend a special thank you for all the support that you gave to the 50th Anniversary Celebration at Notre Dame High School.  The carpets from Econo Carpet were a success and improved the whole setting for that mass and for future masses.  We thank you for the express service of binding the carpets and that they were finished in time for the occasion.
     Notre Dame High School would not be able to continue to grow without the support from alumnus, parents and friends of the community.  You are helping to maintain the tradition of Notre Dame.
     Again, we would like to thank you for working with Econo Carpet and getting the carpets to us in time for our celebration and appreciate all the hard work from your company.

Timothy VerVaecke
Director of Development
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Krauseneck Carpet One
To Whom It May Concern:

Many of our jobs require carpet base borders around the rooms. We have always depended on Michelle's Binding for the service of cutting and binding carpet base, and they have done great work. Recently we added to the service tape adhesive backings also provided by Michelle's Binding. 
The new process of simply peeling back backings to apply the base is a winner. 
In the past, we - as have you - had to either staple or glue base. This often results in callbacks or higher labor fees. Not so with the new base. 
The new base actually proves to be less time consuming and for about the same cost. The installers we employ love the new tape, and I plan on using it in all our retirement homes and apartment units we currently use. The base is actually better installed and the installers love the ease in installation. 
Out clients also prefer the new backing as it makes repairs easier, as does removal when it is time for new installs.  With the option to use the same tape on vinyl base as we.. - the decision is all too easy. 
We are sticking with Michelle's Binding and their new carpet base system!

Christopher Chouinard, Manager
Richard Chouinard, Owner
Krauseneck Carpet One
166 South Main Street
Mount Clemens, MI 48043

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Richmond Interiors
Dear Mr. Szabo,
We have recently installed your self-adhering carpet base for the first time in two offices. 
Our installers had several positive comments:
  • The base was easy to handle
    because no glue or staples were used.
  • Money was saved on supplies
  • Adherence to the wall was as strong
    as if an adhesive was used.
  • Installation time was reduced
  • Final clean up was at a minimum

We at Richmond Interiors would highly recommend your product  and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. 


Michael Lutz
Richmond Interiors
67690 Main Street
Richmond, MI 48062




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Contact us for a price quote today!
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Our prices are reasonable, and our work is guaranteed.


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